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Sunday, August 29, 2004

I just had a disturbing idea. Several of them, actually.

What if Time is actually going backwards? What if the Big Bang was not the Beginning of the Universe, but actually the End? What if we, at this very moment, are actually racing towards The Beginning of the Universe?

What if Cause and Effect are reversed? What if the Future is actually the Past?

Look at it this way: nobody can see the “future” because it hasn’t happened yet, right? But we can see the past because it has happened, right? So, obviously, we can “see” George Washington, but he can’t “see” us. But are there people in our “future” who can “see” us? If there are, that means that the future has indeed already happened. I’m thinking: “If we exist, then future people must exist too, because we are ‘future people’ too.” If the future has already happened, then the future really isn’t the future. It’s the past. Were not going forward, were going backwards - towards the Past. We can see the future, folks. It’s already happened. America was founded 228 years from now.

Why then, do we think that time actually runs “forward”? I dunno. I guess our brains are just wired to think that way. Is our perception of reality true, then? Does the Universe run a certain way just because we demand it?

Hmmm…..maybe I should lay off those psychotropic drugs….
Thursday, August 26, 2004

An Invisible Hand?

A few excerpts:

" of his observations took place during a solar eclipse. When the moon passed in front of the sun, the pendulum unexpectedly started moving a bit faster than it should have done.
Since that first observation, the “Allais effect”, as it is now called, has confounded physicists. If the effect is real, it could indicate a hitherto unperceived flaw in General Relativity—the current explanation of how gravity works."

here's "the kicker":

"...while the experimental measurements show a change in g instantaneously during an eclipse."

Instantaneous? That can only mean one thing: Gravity. As far as I know, Gravity is the only force that can travel instantaneously across the Universe: literally at infinite speed. Am I wrong? In any event, it's an interesting article.
Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I present to you [drumroll please]:

The One Terabyte Compact Disc

Am I skeptical? Yes. Why?

Firstly, it's a press release, and we all know how companies are bound by Honor to never lie in a press release.

Secondly, this should be some kind of Amazing Revolution in Computer History, but I haven't heard anything else about it.

Thirdly, the company is based out of Japan, and we all know that the Japanese can't make good electronics. [Kidding - every peice of friggin' silicon in my house has the word SONY stamped on it.]

If it's true, however, it should be pretty neat. If this technology advances any further, one day we may reach a point where you can just store every single webpage you've ever visited - and simply return to those disks when you want to look something up again or if one of your favorite websites has been taken offline. It'll be like a portable Wayback Machine.

To a Terabyte, and beyond!

Eating two double cheeseburgers for lunch will make you sick.

Please refrain from eating two double cheeseburgers from now on. Thank you.
Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I actually got accepted into an Online History course at my local Junior College today. Truly fantastic. The first assignment is due on Friday - and I need to actually register for the class and pick up the textbook tommorow.

Slowly but surely, the Karl Show plods onward...
Saturday, August 21, 2004

Well, tommorow is The Big Day, or A Big Day I guess. Tommorow I get baptized into the life, death and life of Jesus Christ.

I will make a public affirmation of what I have always believed: That Christ is Lord - not just of the whole "Cosmos" (Jn. 3:16) but my life as well.

I am a little bit uneasy, of course. Being a friend of God also means being the sworn enemy of evil. I feel as if Evil will somehow strike back at me for choosing Good. The more I think about it, however, the more I realize that being an enemy of darkness isn't such a terrible thing. I was dead in my sins before I met Christ anyway, but now I'm truly and finally alive. What can evil do to harm me?

A lot, actually.

But all of that is pointless. I have chosen my side. I have made my decision, and with God's help I will carry it through to the end. Although I tremble at the thought of being involved in a war that I can't control and don't understand - I realize now that surviving the war is not so important as choosing the right side.

Lord, deliver me from evil.
Friday, August 20, 2004

Overheard at Lunchtime conversation with neighbors today:

neighbor: " yeah, we married into the Catholic Church. My wife was Protestant but I guess she jumped ship now."

Me: "Heh. You better be careful. You're sitting at a Protestant table!"


neighbor: "Wait a minute. You guys are from Calvary Chapel, right? That's not Protestant."

Me: "Uh.....really?"

neighbor: "Yeah."

Me: "Well, I think that 'Calvary Chapelism' springs forth from Protestant tradition."

My little Brother: "No way! Were not Protestants! Were Christians!"

Honestly, I can understand where this a-historical mindset comes from. Everybody - and I mean everybody in Christianity claims History for himself and his church. Everybody wants to own history and keep 'tradition' for himself. In an atmosphere like that, it's real easy to just throw up your hands and say "Enough! Who cares about Clement XXVIII!?! Were just going to read about Jesus and lead holy lives."

I'm very sympathetic towards that point of view because I've felt that way many times. I sense that I often think that way because I really do love history so much and it really does exasperate me when someone says that the Church Fathers belong to Roman Catholicism or that the Eastern Fathers belong totally to the East. (I also don't believe that Martin Luther belongs totally to Lutherans, btw.)

But "History is Key" as my Learned Teacher says. We must study history - we must accept the Holy Tradition that has been passed down and reject Unholy Tradition that has been passed down as well. How do we do that, you ask?

We do it Imperfectly. The Christian way.

End transmission.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I accompanied my little brother and my brother-in-law to the local video store today. I wasn't planning on renting anything (my jobless situation prevents me from spending), but I thought that I'd tag along just for the fresh air.

What did I find when I arrived? What did I find sitting prominently in the "New Releases" section for all to see?

[trumpets blaring] ladies and gentlemen: THE BOOK OF MORMON! THE MOVIE!!!!! [/trumpets blaring]

Finally, we can see with our own eyes how God's True Chosen People fled Israel over 3000 years ago in boats with "glass windows" (glass blowing invented in 1st century BC - pane glass windows first produced in 15th century) - they finally landed in America (of all places) and fought many battles with the native heathens using "iron weapons" (cast iron equipment invented by the Chinese around the fourth century BC). Also, God speaks King James English.

Strangely, if you click on that link, you'll notice that Lehi (or who I assume to be Lehi) looks an awful lot like some Mormon jocks that I knew in High School. In fact, he's the very pinnacle of Mormon self-image. I have a feeling, however, that ancient Israelites didn't exactly look like BYU students.

Although, personally, I think the idea of "very white" looking Israelites fits perfectly into Mormon cosmology.

End transmission.
Thursday, August 12, 2004

Too much has happened in the past several weeks for me to summarize it here for you. I don't have the energy or the willpower to recount every little deed and misdeed that I've participated in since I last posted. Also, I really havent been in the mood to write lately. Imagine that, a writer who hates to write. Somebody call the Irony Police.

However, thanks to some personal problems I'm having, it looks like I'm going to be posting a lot more in the upcoming Fall. Don't ask why. It's too embarrasing.

Lately I've been thinking alot about The Thing. The THING. What is the THING, exactly?

It's the focus,

the goal,

the destination,

the purpose,

the conflict,

the hatred,

the Love,

the confusion,

the otherness,

the holiness,


the profound sadness,

and the unbelievable JOY

of this strange phenomonon we like to call "Christianity".

All this (and so much more) is "The Thing". It's Everything. You Believers out there know what I'm talking about. What exactly is this Thing that we are dealing with here? Calling it the "Christian Life" dosent do it justice, I think. It makes it too familiar, too suburban. Of course, thats exactly what some people want. I'm not passing judgement or anything - no - I can understand the need for straight laced Ma-and-Pa-and-Lets-Vote-Republican-Apple-Pie religion. I just think that's not exactly what the Thing is.

What is Christianity, anyway? Christi-anity. Christ (meaning Chosen One) and -anity (meaning Insanity. ha HA! Kidding!). But seriously, the name implies that we are a bunch of little Christs running around and blessing people like crazy. Some people are bitter because they don't see that happening, I am less so because I'm sorrounded by loving, wonderful people who really are infused (baptized?) with the Love that Christ has given us. This is not the point of my little article, however. I'm still thinking about The Thing.

If I knew what too call this Thing, I would call it so. I havent quite figured it out yet, and that's not a shame, considering that I'm only 21 and have yet to figure out a great many things - but I do think that I'm on the right track.

I would like to spend my life trying to figure out this Thing that we all feel, this thing that drives us - compells us - to renounce worldly riches or be murdered while ministering to the poor in the Congo.

Something must be driving us, making us behave this way. Of course, this Thing isnt irresistable. I've resisted it plenty of times and still do, much to my very real shame. Yet, something lingers. Something still compels me to rebel against my wickedness and to desire service for my fellow human beings - even unto martyrdom. Something is making me arise at 5:30 on Monday mornings to pray using my stilted and often silly language.

I feel that Something is calling me from the other side. Something is calling me towards itself - even as I violently resist.

What is this Thing, then? This Thing that we feel but cant express - not for lack of words, but because there are too many words to describe it. Or, should I say, to describe "Him".

It may be that I have already answered my question. It may be that The Thing is a man like me, a man who, unlike me, is also the Creator of the Universe. Paradoxical, no? Yes. Very much so.

The more I learn, the more I see that as I grow older, as I grow closer to The Thing (or, The Source, perhaps?), that words will fail me more and more (or will I fail the words?). Eventually, words will vanish and only Love will remain.

This is what I've been comtemplating lately. Deep stuff, no?

Anyway, it's bed time. 'night.
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